Timothy Figley, MBA

Chief Strategy Officer, OD Facilitator & Keynote Speaker


As a Team Consultant and Keynote Speaker, Tim provides clients and their organizations with clear, achievable methodologies that strengthen leadership and strategic planning follow-through. For more than a decade, Tim’s focus has been in sharing manageable, measurable steps to achieving goals at the individual, team, and organizational level.


In 2018, Tim and retired CEO and leadership author Scott Couchenour combined their expertise and launched Value Creators Consulting, a boutique firm that specializes in proven approaches that identify with and meet the needs of small to medium businesses and organizations, including not-for-profit, education, healthcare, and government entities. While similar programs and services are readily available for large corporations, The Alignment Lab provides access to relevant, smaller-scale programs and opportunities for organizations in the Youngstown OH, Akron OH, Canton OH, Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, Erie PA, and Wheeling WV region.


Tim and Scott realize no two teams or organizations are identical; they collaborate with each client to understand their specific needs and goals. Each speaking and consulting engagement is uniquely tailored to meet a client’s goals and connect with the audience or team.


While Tim and Scott’s combined experience, background and certifications provide a breadth of capability, they specialize in facilitating strategic planning, execution strategies, and leadership development.


Tim holds an MBA from Bakke University, is currently completing his Doctorate in Transformational Leadership and holds many certifications including Strategic Planning Facilitation, Mediation, Professional Coaching, Team Development, and Executive Coaching.


Chief Strategy Officer
The Transformation Lab

Title: Mediator, Facilitator, Speaker
Topics have included:
– Strategic Planning and the 4 Reasons Strategic Plans Fail
– Team Development and Synergy
– Successful Implementation, Accountability, and Follow-through

Recent workshop focuses:
– Leadership
– Coaching and Mentoring
– Emotional Intelligence
– Inspiring Cooperation and Common Goals

Enabling professionals and organizations to attain and transcend goals through:
– Facilitation of Strategic Planning
– Team Building and Engagement
– Identification and Elimination of Roadblocks
– 360 Analysis, Retooling, and Implementation of Processes & Workflows

Selected engagements and outcomes:
– Coached a not-for-profit Clinical Director resulting in a 3x growth in 24 months.
– Facilitated an organizational Growth Plan and leadership development process yielding 10% revenue growth.
– Coached and enabled a business team which lead to a 42% increase in sales.
Recent consulting/coaching clients have included executive directors, authors, pastors, doctors, community leaders, CEO’s and small business owners.


Bakke Graduate University

Doctor of Transformational Leadership

Bakke Graduate University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Liberty University


Volunteer Experience

Men’s Rally

Strategic Planning Facilitation


Board Member

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Licenses & Certifications

Family Mediator, Certified
We Create Peace LLC
The Effective Facilitator
Leadership Strategies
Teambuilding Facilitation
Youngstown State University
Leadership Challenge Facilitator
The Leadership Challenge®, A Wiley Brand
Executive Coach
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Inbound Certified Professional
Inbound Marketing University
Liscensed Facilitator
Wings Business Coaching, LLC
Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accredited Partner
Wiley Publishing, Inc.


Regional Chamber of Commerce
Oct 2013 – Present
National Speakers Association
Jul 2013 – Present
International Coach Federation
Sep 2010 – Present


7 Phases of a One Page Strategic Plan
Self PublishedMarch 7, 2012


Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (DISC Profiling)
Secrets to Facilitating Strategy
Strategic Planning Facilitation