The LASTRAT Model™ is our unique way of showing the Six P’s of strategic planning that brings transformation to any organization. These 6 p’s must be developed and managed to generate organizational transformation. Our model can be used for all organizations, in any industry.

THE SIX Practices of a strategic plan

Purpose.  The purpose is your driving force, it’s our reason for existing.  It is about the mission of the organization. It answers the question of why do we exist.


People. People start with stakeholders.  Stakeholders are Customers, Employees, Partners, Investors, and Society. It answers the question of who is going to get us there.


Position.  Positioning is where the plan becomes strategic. It is ultimately how you are positioned to succeed and win in the marketplace. It’s also how your position to best serve your customers in their minds.  It answers the question, how do we win.

Plan.  The plan consists of the elements that most of when they think about strategic planning. The strategic initiatives, goals, action plans, measures of success and KPI’s. It answers the question of where we are going.


Process.  Process details the route and activities and cadence of accountability that you take in order to get there. It answers the question of how are we going to get there.


Performance. Performance is about how we measure success. For most organizations it’s creating profits, for other organizations it’s the performance metrics of client served. It answers the question of how do we measure success.