Team Coaching

Why Does Stakeholder Centered Team Coaching Work?

Tim uses the principles and practices of Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, but instead of one individual leader being coached, applies the process to entire teams.

It can be used to solve many common challenges for teams, including:

Our Stakeholder Centered Team Coaching Process

Stakeholder Centered Coaching has a strong emphasis on implementation and follow through.

Here’s how the process works:

Here’s a visual summary of how this process works:

Taking Team Coaching To Another Level


We measure the behavioral changes achieved by the team—both as a group and as individuals.

Coaching shouldn’t be measured by how much time the coach spends with the leader or team. Or by how much the team “likes” the process or “feels” that they have improved.

All coaching—whether for individuals or teams—should be measured by results.

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Getting aligned has an impact! We have the privilege of working with leaders, teams, and organizations of all shapes and sizes through various means such as Leadership Retreats, Team Development, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Planning. These include organizations from various sectors—including non-profit, business, government and startups throughout the world, and especially in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We take great pleasure in the success their hard work has brought and are honored to share a few select stories.