The first step in the process teaches participants how to identify the characteristics of high
performing teams. Assess current teams for potential gaps and take corrective action.

introduces the Team Charter—a template for documentation of goals, assignments
and accomplishments. Through this process, participants learn how to build and maintain a
team structure.
In this step we identify and describe the five stages of team development. Participants are
taught to diagnose the characteristics and needs of any team, and then can deploy those skills
within existing teams.

The fundamentals of our Situational Leadership® II program are integrated to match team
leadership behaviors to a team’s development stage. Participants learn to analyze, diagnose,
think about, and apply leadership concepts effectively in any situation.

The final step imparts team dynamics and strategies for higher performance. Participants are
given tools to focus on meeting structure and facilitation. They learn how to plan agendas,
create action plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of meetings.