Scott Couchenour

Sr. Strategic Plan Integration Coach | Transforming Business Operations
Through Strategy Integration


Retired CEO Scott Couchenour is redefining the approach to business strategy in a way that is revolutionizing daily operations and creating powerful outcomes.

With more than 30 years of his career invested as COO and CEO in a narrow market national construction, family-owned firm, Scott understands the critical need of defining and executing a powerful focused strategic plan. To ensure his organization remained competitive in an evolving market, he researched and identified the pivotal points in every business function and their effect on the business cycle. Based on his findings, Scott created a strategic planning and leadership approach that redefines the “value chain” and capitalizes on communication, alignment, commitment & accountability.

In 2018 Scott combined his strategic planning and operational expertise with long-time strategic planning facilitator and executive leadership coach Tim Figley. Together they provide powerful, full-cycle strategic planning consultation to small and medium sized companies & organizations.

Currently Scott is offering his revolutionary approach to strategy planning and execution in the NE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania regions including Youngstown, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Erie, as well as Wheeling, WV.

To learn more about how your strategy execution can gain clarity and sustainable momentum contact Scott at [email protected]


Sr. Strategic Plan Integration and Leadership Coach
The Transformation Lab

Value Creators is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on developing, igniting, and integrating organizational strategic plans that yield powerful, measurable results. Value Creators founders Tim Figley and Scott Couchenour have developed a proven, comprehensive methodology that allows small and medium businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations to define, develop and execute strategic plans that weave into the fabric of daily operations.

Scott’s expertise provides clients with the guidance and tools that bridge the gaps in strategy execution where plans and action fail to connect. His contributions include:

– Reviewing milestones, advising on roadblocks and recommending adjustments necessary to ensure strategic plans stay on track.
– Providing leadership and engagement coaching to energize clients and their teams towards and holding perpetual successful outcomes.

Personal Success & Leadership Coach
Serving Strong Enterprises

Coached business owners in a wide array of industries in both personal and organizational empowerment.

– Guided business owners in strategy development that yielded both immediate and long-range results.
– Enabled self-employed clients to clarify goals, recognize & reduce roadblocks, and redefine priorities in order to meet and exceed long-term objectives.
– Measurable client results included leading the development of a strategic plan that positioned an organization to successfully create and manage an 18-month, 300% business increase.

Cogun, Inc.
President and CEO

Cogun, Inc. was a North Lima, Ohio-based full-service church facility construction and campus relocation firm.

– Redefined the company’s culture through establishing and casting a unifying organizational vision.
– Established a new approach to developing and implementing strategic plans that positively impacted employee engagement and position the company to meet and exceed financial and market position goals.
– Prioritized and modeled transparent, clear and consistent organizational communication which heightened team commitment and increased productivity.
– As part of an “all-in” leadership mindset, took the reins of Sales Operations on top of COO responsibilities ensuring the company’s survival through a 63% downturn in the company’s specialized market.


Youngstown State University
Bachelor’s Degree

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Sociology, Business Management
Columbiana High School
Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT)
Certified Life Coach
Professional Christian Coaching Institute
Coaching Skills Mastery | Ethical Practice & Risk Management in Coaching | Coaching Work Teams

Volunteer Experience

Worship Leader
New Hope Community Church Boardman Ohio
Board Member
Harmony Village Apartments

Board Member

Church of the Nazarene Foundation

Board Member

Nazarene Theological Seminary
Board President
Harmony Village Apartments


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