Build Better Meetings!

Are You
Frustrated by Meetings Leading to Low Teamwork and Performance?

  • Essential plans missing their mark
  • Unengaged team members
  • Employees leaving meetings without buy-in
  • Frustrating sessions that do not achieve desired results
  • Unproductive, unfocused, unengaging meetings

It is not merely better meetings or strategy; it is the confidence that you will achieve results

What Kinds of Meetings Need Facilitation?

  • Strategic Planning
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Advisory Boards
  • Conference Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Board Retreats
  • Project Planning
  • After Action Review
  • Focus Group Input
The benefits of synergistic meetings are meetings that have energy, are focused, generate buy-in, commitment, and action steps. These are meetings that have accountability and create results. Meetings that create a high-performance team through the facilitation skills, and the synergistic meeting format.

The Plan and the Model

I can guide you, your team, or your group to create alignment, commitment, and results. There are five steps in which you can take to create great results in stage one. There are five steps in stage two. And those are assessing, buying clarity, decision execution The Synergistic Facilitation Model
  • Assess – Why are we meeting?
  • Buy-In – Who are the stakeholders?
  • Clarity – What do we want to accomplish?
  • Decision – How do we make decisions?
  • Execution – Let’s facilitate the meeting
  • Assess – How will we work together?
  • Buy-In – “I can live with it, and support it”
  • Clarity – Where are we going?
  • Decision – Who, does what, by when?
  • Execution – How will we execute, keep score, and monitor progress?
ABCDE Meeting Faciltiation

Planning That Succeeds

  Low Performance High Performance 

High Teamwork

Collegial, friendship based
Lack of effective focus
Insufficient sense of urgency
Change resistant – Don’t “Rock the Boat”
Incompetence tolerated
Not results oriented

Sense of connection and fun

Successful, Fun

Synchronicity, Flow

Challenging Goals, Inspiring vision

Change Proactive

Open Communication

Great Teamwork – “How do we continue to  improve”

 Low Teamwork

Atmosphere of criticism, blame, & cynicism


No Fun

Fear of job loss and company failure

“firefighting”, short-term orientation

Turf protection

One step forward,

Poor teamwork

 Focus is efficiency

“Just Do It!” Bottom-Line Orientation

Retention Problems, High Turnover, Burnout


Clear Objectives



What Is Facilitation?

“Facilitation is the art of leading people through processes towards agreed-upon objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity by all those involved”

Who Needs Facilitation?

  • Leaders
  • Leadership Teams
  • Departmental Teams
  • Boards
  • Managers
  • Groups

What Kind of Sessions?


  • In the Office
  • On Retreat
  • Hybrid

One-Time Session

  • One-Hour Session
  • One-Day Session
  • Multi-day Session

Ongoing Sessions with Accountability

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Where Are You?

So, if you feel like your essential plans are missing their mark, employees are leaving meetings without buy-in, you have frustrating sessions that do not achieve desired results, have unengaged team members, unproductive, unfocused, unengaged meetings then contact us in the form below