My Story

Strategically creating organizational transformation was once only a seed thought for Tim Figley and Scott Couchenour. When they first met in Columbiana, Ohio, in 2003, they felt an immediate connection because of their shared passion for helping people grow personally and professionally.


What they didn’t know back then was over the next decade, they would each separately experience the bottom-line cost of personal and organizational misalignment without the other knowing it. Both experienced stress and personal pain due to family relational failures, and family businesses that fell into bankruptcy and had to close their doors. This shared valley of personal and professional financial loss would prove to be so eye-opening and transformative that they would each be ready to join together to create a new joint venture. When they met this time, they would not just share a passion, but they were now well–seasoned, prepared, and equipped to do the real work of bringing transformation to leaders and organizations through strategic planning.

Tim went back to school and got his MBA while starting a coaching, mediation, and strategic planning firm that worked to help over a hundred organizational leaders and teams while devising the best approaches for them to experience change.

Clients are drawn to their combined 50 years of experience, and practical approach. They quickly became sought out as the firm to help with strategic planning, and the subsequent leadership development, team alignment that is needed for plans to succeed. The hope of Tim Figley Consulting today is that every organization will take their strategic plan to the level of transformation to achieve a competitive advantage and experience fulfillment.

Our Name

Tim Figley Consulting is a firm that brings the strategic planning experience to a level of ongoing organizational transformation. A level 5 strategy
The name of our firm came because our experience showed us that leaders are tired of a strategic planning process that feels more like going to the dentist and leaves the participants with PTSD. They are also tired of having a plan that sits in a drawer or gathers dust on a shelf and doesn’t tie into leading their people into higher performance.  A lab is a place equipped for experimenting and analysis in a field of study.  For leaders, teams, and organizations to experience the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment, they need to be able to test new opportunities in a safe environment with experienced facilitators who can allow their experimentation to reach new decisions to real-world challenges.  We find it tremendously satisfying to help ignite this process that fuels the economy of organizations.

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Chief Strategy Officer, OD Facilitator & Keynote Speaker